R.I.P. Lance McNaught aka Lance Cade/Cado

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8/13/10 3:24:54PM
The pro wrestling fraternity has tragically lost another brother, and again much too young...

Lance McNaught, best known as Lance Cade, has passed away at the age of 29. No other details regarding his death are currently known.

Cade was one of Shawn Michaels' first wrestling students. He ended up being signed to a WWE developmental deal before making it to the main roster in 2003. Cade was released from WWE after an incident on a flight where he took too many painkillers and went into a seizure. WWE ended up bringing him back but eventually released him again.

After being released, Cade claimed that WWE released him because he had asked for help with issues stemming from addictions to sleeping pills. WWE did send him to rehab but ended up releasing him, something Cade thought was unfair. It's worth noting that sources within WWE denied those claims.

He'd been competing in All-Japan Pro Wrestling these last few months under the name "Lance Cado" and was starting to really get over. All-Japan says he was 30 though. Statement via Twitter from his trainer, WWE legend Shawn Michaels:

"aft my morning tweet I got the call about Lance. No words will b good enuff. 1 of my boys is gone. My prayers&thoughts have already been given 2 his family & will continue. Goodbye Lance I Love You. I ask that all of u would lift his family up in prayer."

RIP & God Bless, Lance.
8/13/10 3:52:42PM
Wow! Very sad, dude had a world of potential, could cut a promo and had that look WWE is always going after, not too mention he could work! RIP to Lance and my best wishes to his family for having to deal with this.
8/18/10 1:45:58PM
Awful, i'm curious to know of the cause...

WWE's yet to post anything on their website, they didn't even do a little tribute to Umaga when he passed away... Interesting if they do something for Lance. They should, but it seems if you aren't currently in the business, you just don't matter. It's a shame to see another one go as young as Lance.
8/18/10 2:14:12PM
Everything I'm hearing so far is saying heart failure. As for WWE, I heard somewhere they tend to not acknowledge deaths of former talent (at least not on TV) if there's suspicion the death was somehow drug-related.
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