86/87 L.A. Lakers vs 23 Yankees

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POLL: 86/87 Lakers vs 23 Yankees
Lakers 31% (4)
Yankees 69% (9)
9/12/12 1:07:04AM
1986/87 Lakers
The highlight of the Los Angeles Lakers season was winning the NBA title over the defending champions, the Boston Celtics

1923 NY Yankees
The 1923 New York Yankees season was the 23rd season for this American League franchise and its 21st season in New York. Manager Miller Huggins led the team to their third straight pennant with a 98-54 record, 16 games ahead of the second place Detroit Tigers. The Yankees moved into the now famous Yankee Stadium. In the 1923 World Series, they avenged their 1921 and 1922 losses by defeating the New York Giants in 6 games, 4 games to 2.
9/12/12 10:00:04AM
This was tough, but I went Lakers.....not sure why.
9/12/12 11:13:07AM
very tough, but baseball is my fave sport so that's the deciding factor
9/13/12 7:09:06PM
Yankees not only is their roster longer, they also have bats and helmets, don't even get me started on catchers they can adsorb a lot of punishment.

Easy pick.imo.