99/00 Lakers vs 93 Cowboys

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POLL: 99/00 Lakers vs 93 Cowboys
Lakers 47% (8)
Cowboys 53% (9)
9/15/12 7:56:25PM
99/00 Lakers
The 1999-2000 Los Angeles Lakers season was the 54th season of the franchise, 52nd in the National Basketball Association (NBA) and 40th in Los Angeles. They finished the regular season with 67 wins, finishing with the most wins since the 1971–72 team won a franchise record 69 games. The Lakers clinched the top seed in the playoffs for the 25th time in franchise history and the first in 9 years. Shaquille O'Neal was named the 2000 NBA MVP. The Lakers went on to win the 2000 NBA Finals 4-2 against the Indiana Pacers, earning the franchise its 12th NBA championship. It was the Lakers first championship since 1988 and was the first of the of Lakers' three-peat championships to begin the millennium

93 Cowboys The 1993 Dallas Cowboys season marked their 34th in the NFL and a quest for back-to-back Super Bowl titles. The season saw the franchise become the first team to start 0–2 and still reach (and subsequently win) the Super Bowl
9/15/12 11:37:59PM
Lakers because the Cowgirls beat my Bills.
9/15/12 11:49:31PM

Posted by BuffaloDave

Lakers because the Cowgirls beat my Bills.

9/16/12 7:29:16AM
Lakers. Hated that Cowboys team. Aikman and Smith, hated them. Beat the Pack in the first round that year I think.
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