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POLL: Lighting vs. Lighting
Shogun 58% (23)
Anderson 43% (17)
7/29/07 2:57:20PM
This could be the most exciting matchup in MMA history. It could actually could happen too, either guy can take this. Let the polling begin. Peace.
7/29/07 3:06:13PM
I'd personally give it Shogun, Anderson would win a standup war, Shogun's striking is a little wild, whereas Anderson's is razor sharp, but I think Shogun would win by submission. He would likely take the sensible option, and not stand with Silva.
7/29/07 6:20:03PM
7/29/07 6:35:27PM
Anderson would win with striking and KO Shogun
7/29/07 7:20:56PM
shogun definately
7/29/07 7:40:56PM
IMO... Silva has the better standup. If I had to bet I'd take Silva.

Shogun is one of my favorite fighters, but I don't think his stand up can match Anderson's (other then the knees which they both seem to be nearly equal). I think Anderson has better striking with his hands he is on target with very crisp clean shots, and he doens't throw wild. Lets not forget Anderson is a black belt in BJJ also. It would be a close one though... I think.
7/30/07 9:11:54AM
anderson would k.o him standing because of his accuracy.
7/30/07 10:07:57AM
Shogun by submission. Round 2.
7/30/07 12:51:29PM
too many underestimate Silvas ground game
7/31/07 10:24:43PM
Bump. *********************************************************************************************************

8/1/07 12:17:23AM
Im giving it to Anderson. He seems to only be getting better while Shogun is awesome but he hasnt really shown any growth. This would be an amazing fight though. Both are great multi faceted fighters. It would be interesting to see where it went.
8/1/07 5:53:50PM
Would be an interesting match to say the least. both fighters have equivelent weapons, both in stand up and on the ground.
Both are reputable fighters also, speaking from backround history of training regimes and previous fights.

So what does it come down to? Weight? Experience in which weight class this match would be held?

Picture it that way. Shogun drops 20 pounds to fight Anderson, then Anderson will by far have an upper advantage keeping in mind that he's fought at his weightclass for so long. However, Shogun would have the upper hand in weight, being that he'd be the bigger guy (not that that would determine a fight's outcome) but in personal preference, wouldnt you want to be the larger fighter?

Now picture the vice versa of this, and Anderson going up to 205...

Down the long run, it comes down to, who will be the better fighter that night..

8/1/07 11:27:05PM
The fans would win this fight, it would be a war!
8/4/07 10:41:34AM
Well put the James. True.
8/9/07 2:25:26PM
This is such a great topic I have to bump it.
8/9/07 6:36:04PM

Posted by SpiderSilva

too many underestimate Silvas ground game

Thats what im saying he tapped out lutter and hes for real i would definetley have to take my boy silva in this one.
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