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POLL: Do you think LaDainian Tomlinson will become the NFL's All-Time Leading Rusher?
Yes 47% (7)
No 13% (2)
He will do what Barry Sanders did and retire early 0% (0)
He will pass it easily 0% (0)
He won't come close 7% (1)
I hate Don King 33% (5)
12/29/07 2:46:59AM
Today I was looking through Tomlinson's stats and added up the total for his rushing yard in his whole career 7 seasons so far.Just to see how close tomlinson was on trail to Emitt Smith (All time rusher), I was shocked to find Tomlinson had mroe yards than Smith's first 7 seasons. Though Smith had a slow first two seasons, I think its fair to say Tomlinson might possibly pass his mark and get the title pending on injuries.

Here the amount of yards for the first 7 seasons of both players
Tomlinson 10,594 (With still another game left in this season if he plays)
Smith 10,160

I personally hope Tomlinson beats the record. He is my favorite player in the NFL and I think the Chargers are a franchise that will soon not be ignored at a superbowl shot.
12/29/07 2:56:37AM
I don't think Emmit deserves it. I don't consider him the BOAT but he was good, so I hope someone passes him.
12/29/07 3:02:51AM

Posted by cmill21

I don't think Emmit deserves it. I don't consider him the BOAT but he was good, so I hope someone passes him.

not much of a Smith fan either, he had to play 15 seasons to get the title so I guess he deserves it but that doesnt make him the best. Walter Payton seemed to me like a way better running back
12/29/07 10:37:43AM
LMAO I hate Don King is in the lead??

Im not sure LT will pass Emmitt as the all time rusher, Emmitt broke it in his 13th season I believe (In 2002 when he was still a cowboy) and then had 2 more seasons for Arizona. I think Walter retired after 13 seasons and Emmitt broke the record his 13th season.

It all depends if he is healthy, if he can stay relatively healthy for 6-7 more years then yes, but im not too sure just yet.
12/29/07 10:45:53AM
I do hate don king... no wait I dont hahahha. yeah LT's gonna take that honor away
12/30/07 4:11:41AM
I always put that option there. I think it should be an option on every poll of an MMA forum.
12/30/07 8:46:55AM
You can never tell if a RB has a chance at the record till they hit 30. Shawn Alexander had his bets year, was dominant for a long time, got his new big contract, turned 30 and became injury prone. So I will reserve judgment till after the next 2 seasons go by. If anyone can do it, I would bet it's him , but he is till 8,000 behind as of now.
12/31/07 2:27:37PM
I think he'll do it, yeah. Will he totally Dominate the position throughout his Career and Beyond like Ed Brown, or be forever mentioned in the same hushed and reverent tones as Barry Sanders and Walter Payton? I don't think so, but he's still a great player and Destined for the hall of fame. I give him respect, and think he will do some amazing things, but I don't think he'll leave the sort of legendary shadow surrounding him as the three men I mentioned.

But you know what?

None of them are and no one will ever be as exciting to watch run as Earl Campbell was.

No one.


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