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4/26/09 10:24:25PM
4/27/09 10:13:05AM
Hmmm personally i found that quite hard to watch..
4/27/09 10:52:35AM
Several things come to mind, now that this fight is over.

- How easy will it now be to take this footage out of context and use it against MMA, as in the battle for legalization in New York ? I know that's not a reason to dissuade Maynard from fighting...I'm just sayin'. We can all imagine someone using this footage to illustrate that MMA is depraved group of savages that will even try to fight the disabled.

- If I didn't already know that this was Maynard's own idea, I would have thought this was a joke.

- He has the right do what ever he wants, but I sure hope that the majority of his friends were objective enough to point out how silly this looks.

- You can't question the guy's heart. Clearly, he must know the disadvantages he has (in the ring) but he wanted to see how he'd fare anyway.

- I question how smart of a move this was. He had limited success as a wrestler, where he had the most chance of success. Now he tries a sport where you add in kicking/striking and he simply couldn't do that.

4/27/09 1:44:51PM

Posted by Mattchoo

Hmmm personally i found that quite hard to watch..

4/27/09 2:37:53PM
couldnt watch it =[
4/27/09 10:13:50PM
I'm glad the vid is out so ppl can see exactly what he does and does not bring into the cage. Hopefully we never have to hear about this again.
4/27/09 11:55:18PM
God damn, Kyle makes me feel lazy.
4/28/09 6:39:47PM
This is a shame.... I personally dont care who likes it or not, but this shouldn't have happened for obvious reasons. Any casual sports fan or critic will look at that video and rip it apart without thinking twice about hurting someones feelings, so why should MMA worry about hurting someones feelings, especially in a sport were you get yoru face beat in and limbs snapped. With that said, I feel worse for the guy that had to fight him, what do you think he was thinking? If I were approached about taken a fight like this, I would have told peopel to GTFO! harsh as it may be, people need to go back to speaking their minds more and letting the truth come out instead of protecting it.
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