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10/1/12 3:03:52PM
face = pwned
UFC on FUEL TV 5 fighter Kyle Kingsbury, not only suffered a loss last Saturday, but he also earned a trip to the ER where an MIR determined he was the recipient of multiple facial fractures at the hands of UFC newcomer Jimi Manuwa.

10/1/12 3:05:12PM
I was yelling at the tv not to stop it because I thought he would be able to get the sub if it continued much longer. Looks like it was the right choice and I was wrong.
10/1/12 3:16:56PM
Poor Kingsbu I always liked the guy. The fact he even wanted another round shows the mans toughness.
10/1/12 3:56:36PM
Not real surprising as his face was all sorts of fucked up.
10/1/12 4:01:26PM
I was also backing him to get the sub or decision but thankfully they stopped it. He could have sustained a serious permanent injury.
10/1/12 4:28:13PM
Bordering on assault....
10/1/12 4:49:49PM
Daaayummm. I missed the fight but that pic of his eye all swollen is ridiculous.
10/1/12 5:36:02PM
He's got some balls to step in a UK arena with a prospect like Manuwa and do what he did.
10/1/12 8:22:01PM
Blocking punches with your face doesn't work.
10/2/12 10:39:09AM
That looks terrible. Guys gotta lot of heart. I credit him for that. He will be on the shelf for a while with this injury.