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9/10/12 7:04:42PM

Javier Mendez, the trainer for Kyle Kingsbury, posted on Twitter that his fighter was involved in a motorcycle accident. Mendez added that Kingsbury is still expected to compete at UFC on Fuel TV: Struve vs. Miocic later this month.
9/10/12 7:24:41PM
Very thankful he's okay, Motorcycle accidents are usually pretty scary, honestly him and Aldo are the only guys iv'e ever heard of to get out of one with nothing major.

9/10/12 7:38:11PM
heres a twitter pic of the damage

A little road rash never hurt any one

Very glad that Kingsbu didn't pull out of Nottingham, I'm really excited to see the UFC debut of Jimi Manuwa (dudes a BEASTTTTTT)
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9/10/12 8:53:52PM
Props to Kingsbu for not pulling out but, I wonder how much affect this will have on his performance if any at all
9/11/12 7:37:42AM
I have an idea, when you're job relies on you being in peak physical form --DON'T BUY A MOTORCYCLE.

I understand fighters are prob type A personalities, and motorcycles are a natural fit, but look what it did to Mir, I mean come on.