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7/15/08 11:01:04AM
Fighters around the world dream of the day they will first set foot in the famed UFC octagon. But for lightweight Kyle Bradley (13-5 MMA, 0-1 UFC), fulfilling that dream resulted in one night he would rather forget.

"I was pretty disappointed," Bradley admitted to ( "All I really cared about going in was going out there and letting my hands fly and putting on a good show. Seeing that I pretty much got caught with the first punch ... it was really disappointing to me."

Bradley made his debut for the organization at UFC 81 in February. Matched against veteran Chris Lytle, Bradley fought in the welterweight division instead of the 25-year-old's preferred weight of 155 pounds.

"I had some things stacked against me," Bradley said. "I knew [the UFC] knew I had some things stacked against me. But I figure I go in there, I put on a great show, and then we'll talk about coming back at my weight class at 155 (pounds)."

Unfortunately, Bradley never got the chance to put on that show as Lytle clipped Bradley early, and the fight was halted just 33 second into the first round.

"That was pretty much the worst thing I felt could happen in that fight," Bradley said.

7/15/08 12:21:59PM
Now he gets to fight Lauzon at 155
No gimmies for UFC new-comers. I think he will have a chance to make an exciting show but with the same result.
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