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2/15/07 3:54:52PM
2/15/07 5:24:38PM
I would have liked to seen this 5 years ago but now... too old, way too many injuries especially the neck.
2/15/07 9:13:48PM
I love it. I think it is more entertaining to watch big names fight.
2/15/07 10:23:22PM
I met Angle a few years ago and my first questions for him were have you faced any men currently in MMA. His reply was that he has a loss to Mark Colmen as well as several victorys. He also faced Mark Kerr with a victory. (possibly more then once I cant remember) I think as a MMA fighter he would have surpassed either of thease fighters, also any man to beat the younger Mark Ker has more then proven himself and should be quite impressive as a MMA fighter. He has supirior ground skills to either ot thease men and in my opnion a better killer instinct and natural ability to strike. (with the proper training) I just hope he didnt wait to long. I cant wait to see where this ends up.....Best of luck Kurt.
2/16/07 10:49:58AM
Im not too excited to see Angle in mma, even though he is a gold medalist, there is a notion that he brings into mma that might put its credibilty into jeopardy because of his pro wrestling backround, especially since it is still a sport attempting to get respect throught the sports community, i guess ill wait and see wait happens.
2/16/07 4:57:45PM
it would be worth giving him a go he would have lot of fans more ppv more ticket sales its a buissness at end of day
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