Kurt Angle: "God Willing, IFL & Myself Can Make A Deal"

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9/21/07 6:39:27AM
Former WWE & Current TNA Wrestling Champion Kurt Angle was in attendance at last night's IFL Finals and claimed to be talking to the promotion about joining. Angle has been wanting to get into MMA for some time now, with most rumors suggesting he wants to fight fellow wrestling standout Brock Lesnar.


It's getting pretty hard to take him seriously on these now. His claims of needing a year to prepare make him a bad short-term investment, plus he's getting up there in age and already has serious injury risks lingering from his wrestling years. He could also be posturing here, using IFL as a bargaining chip to try and get a better offer from UFC or other rival suitors. I could see him helping IFL but at this point in time they shouldn't take this risk.
9/21/07 7:03:54AM
im gonna go on record saying it wont happen, id love to see it, but hes worth wayyyyyyyyyyyyy too much to just wrestle. ill keep my hopes up for brock though.
9/21/07 7:57:00AM
Yeah only if he was younger. Atleast a year to fully train, then fight for about one year and he's done kinda pointless. He's no Randy Couture. Just stick to wrastlin'
9/21/07 8:10:28AM
We've heard this time and time again from Angle. Dana White said he offered him a deal at the time just before he convieniently signed with TNA.

He's not serious, this is bravada fromhim and the fact he probably wants a better finacial deal than Fedor to fight. In his state physically, he's not worth it.

I'd say there's probably more chance of Fedor signing with the UFC by tomorrow nights UFC 76 than there is Angle getting a contract and being serious about MMA.

As far as brock goes I'd like to see him in the UFC. How well he would cope remains to be seen.
9/21/07 9:13:26AM
in their primes.. he would have beat couture in wrestling. I think its too late in the game for him to be a very dominant force. also, he hasnt competed in a long itme. I mean.. the guy won the gold with a fracture spine or neck or something. but nowa-days who knows.. maybe if he woulda went straight from wrestling to mma.
9/21/07 2:18:03PM
him vs brock i think would sell a lot of tickets
9/22/07 4:56:39PM
not only that but it would probably smash any ppv record out there....especially if they got 2-3 other decent fights
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