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6/28/07 4:30:16PM
is kurt angle coming to MMA because if he is hes going to get smoked bad.
6/28/07 5:19:23PM
He is coming and he is bringing a tin foil chair with him ! ! ! ! ! ! !

Gimme a break, he is too old, he lacks boxing and submission skills, he can only use the Lay n' Pray but i don't think this will work either... Get it over, he is not gonna fight in UFC or any MMA promotion.. Well, maybe Elite XC-something-like that... Like the NFL player who got KTFO and layed 10 mins on the canvas on EliteXC's last event..
6/28/07 5:27:52PM
Yeah that was funny. Johnnie Morton used a hell of alot of steroids and still got his ass beat.

Kurt Angle would need alot of work to become a successful mixed martial artist.
6/28/07 5:33:20PM
Kurt Angle is not going to come to the UFC or mma atleast. I mean come one the guy is a good wrestler....thats it. Right now he is 38 and would need atleast a year to train in MMA and lets face it kurt angle isnt going pull a randy couture.
So kurt angle will stick to wrestling. Safe bet for him.
6/28/07 6:29:11PM
you all act like he is just jumping into mma, he has been training for a while now, if it was not for his messed up neck and his age i think he would be good

<a href="" target="_blank" rel="nofollow"></a></a>

the above link is not working for me but on there is an article from real fighter mag about him getting into mma
6/28/07 6:37:15PM
He had the potential to be a monster... After he won his gold (96 i think?) he was approached by both the UFC and WWF... I think he chose the more lucrative of the two...

Now he is just too beatup old and broken to be any sort of factor in the sport... I'm not saying that to be mean, I just really think it's true... A shame, because he could have easily had the success of someone like Mark Coleman, IMO
6/28/07 8:13:52PM
No kurt angle is not coming. Dana White said he wanted to fight right now and that he would get his ass kicked.
6/28/07 8:23:12PM
He makes twice as much money wrestling. Plus if he doesn't leave for MMA it'll just promise him a longer time in the WWE or wherever he is now. He should of started MMA when he was young, either way he's had a successful career.
7/20/07 4:11:21PM
He is not gonna come if he does he is gonna get beat down with that nwa title he wants so bad.
7/20/07 7:42:52PM
If he comes he will get his butt kicked. No way he comes because he thinks he is worth way more than he is.
7/21/07 6:29:58PM
Anyone counting Angle out is just not very smart. I'm not saying he would beat everyone, but think about it...a guy with enough heart and skill to win a gold medal with a damn near broken neck (and not being able to use any kind of drugs or steroids to speed up the healing) is gonna be great at anything he does. He has a better base than most MMA fighters and will give ANYONE trouble. Sure he might get TKOd, but even someone who trained MMA for 20 years can get TKOd, thats not a valid point. I don't see anyone subbing him or outwrestling him. If he gets serious about his striking he will be a force.

Anyway, if he is too injured (most like the reason he hasn't fought yet), obviously he won't be able to do much.

Give credit where credit is due...Angle is an incredible athlete.
7/21/07 6:39:33PM
Yes he is a great athlete. When he is healthy. The man used to be addicted to pain pills and a number of other drugs. He has had so many injuries that i dont think he can ever be successful for the fact he is never healthy. Hes a great wrestler but wrestling can only get you so far.
7/22/07 7:25:41PM
Im sick of this.......................... Period. Like really, Angle keeps calling out Randy, Tito , and Chuck. This guy must have the biggest mouth ever. He wouldnt challenge Tiger Woods to golf or Gretzkey to Hockey........ Idiot.
I now hate Kurt Angle. Dana White apparenlty offered him a contract that included 6 months free training with Randy Couture and Kurt turned him down. I hope he slams someone to the ground and the warp him into some werid submission where he is ina gogplata/armbar/kneebar all in one.

Im making the call right now. I want Ken Shamrock to fight Kurt. And Kneebar the crap outta him.
Cmon Richie you know you want to see that happen.
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