Kurt Angle Admittedly NOT Ready for MMA

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3/14/08 3:48:04PM
Although professional wrestling superstar Kurt Angle will compete against UFC heavyweight champion Randy Couture in a submission grappling match later this year, don't expect Angle to immediately follow in fellow professional wrestler Brock Lesnar's footsteps -- at least not yet.

"I've always wanted to do (MMA), from after the Olympics, and I just never got the shot," Angle said. "I've been keeping myself in really, really good shape, but not in the fighting shape you have to be in to go into MMA."

Instead, Angle will first try his hand at submission wrestling, which is essentially MMA without striking. The match will be Angle's first in Rico Chiapparelli's Professional Submission League, while Couture has competed in the organization before, battling Brazilian jiu-jitsu world champion Ronaldo "Jacare" Souza to a draw. The date of the event has not yet been determined, but Angle believes it will take place in late summer or early fall.

"A lot of people are pretty much counting me out, which I don't blame them," Angle admitted. "But you can't count out an Olympic gold medalist."

3/14/08 4:03:43PM
I think this is more Mr Angle trying to keep his name in the media.
He's too old to even conceder breaking into MMA now.
Not to mention his injures and appalling lack of stand up!
3/14/08 4:20:52PM
TNA-Total Nonstop Angle. That says it all. He makes Triple Huh look like a saint sometimes.
3/14/08 4:53:10PM
it seriously bewilders me as to why people are still talking about this. Angle will never fight MMA, neither will Mayweather. Leave it at that, and keep their names off the forums imo.
3/14/08 5:08:35PM
"But you can't count out an Olympic gold medalist."
That's funny because as soon as I read this I figured he was going to say something like that....hey Randy do us a favor ....lose to him intentionally just enough to entice him to fight in the UFC so I can see his ass get KTFO!!!!
3/14/08 6:11:51PM
Kurt Angle needs to fight under the new drug testing policy for starters. He wouldnt be good for the sport other than to prove that WWE, TNA etc are complete jokes.
3/14/08 6:15:51PM
Holy shit he's going into a grappling tournament that's badass
3/14/08 8:36:27PM
i'm pretty sure a while back he was saying that he wanted to start doing mma now. seeing lesnar lose was probably a rude awakening for mr. angle. stick with your phony wrestling.
3/14/08 8:57:19PM
I have heard this garbage a 100 damn times. He needs to just shut up and stick with wrestling. I can almost gurantee he has a glass chin or something because he would already be in this sport with how much crap he has talked over the years.
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