Kuniyoshi Hironaka training at AKA with Fitch?

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4/9/08 1:51:13PM
I just came across Hironaka's blog and he has two pictures that show him apparently training at AKA. I believe that they were taken early in March and was just wondering if anyone had any more information on this. I would like to know how long he has been training at AKA with Jon Fitch. I like to see fighters training together to improve their skills when they have fought one another before. Anyways, I'll provide the link and if anyone can translate what he said I will be very grateful.


4/9/08 9:44:37PM
Anyone......Bueller? Damn, I was hoping someone had more information on how long Hironaka has been training at AKA. I hope he has improved his stand up.
4/10/08 12:04:15AM
hironaka's chin is massive, i actually changed my pick from jonathon to hironaka after hearing hes beening training there for a little bit and watching his fight with fitch and thiago, dude has potential
4/10/08 12:50:43AM
Yeah, he has a great chin. I picked him as my upset pick against Alves, it was a long shot, but I thought he would be able to pull it off, as Alves was coming off a long layoff due to his suspension. Anyways, I think he has a great shot against Goulet. He definitely has the better chin of the two, and has the clear advantage on the ground. The only advantage Goulet really has is standing and it isn't by much. Hopefully, AKA has helped improve his overall game. If so, Goulet is in for a tough fight. I think Hironaka wins via a sub in the second or by UD.
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