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2/19/08 8:31:07PM
i wish i could be so blessed.
2/19/08 8:37:57PM
i doubt it will happen, guillard wants to protect what "he has" going in the UFC right now (The UFC is apparently giving him the crocop treatment, where they will drop him so that he can gain the momemtum back) so he is only taking safe fights, that he feels he has a good chance at winning...........thats the reason he is noy fighting at bigger shows like eliteXc, strikeforce and whatnot................but assuming he was to loose one of his upcoming fights, and the UFC decides they dont want him back, than i imagine he will look to go to the next best thing, and than this match up could def be a possibility........both explosive striker, alot of power..........great fight, probably wouldnt last to long, hard pick.
2/19/08 9:01:09PM
this would be an amazing fight it has knock out written all over it
2/19/08 10:01:01PM
I think fighters should blackball taking fights with Krazy Horse.

He has ruined so many scheduled fights with his legal problems.

I wouldn't waste my time beginning to train for him.
2/19/08 10:05:43PM
battle of the coke heads,lol j/k
2/20/08 12:47:27AM
Krazy horde was just arrested again... both thoes peices of ghetto trash need to be locked away... MMA wants a good image to get more wide range acceptance, why muck it up with peices of shit like them
2/20/08 1:21:11PM
the most sH!t talkin before a fight you will see imo
2/20/08 2:22:15PM
I can picture one of these guys pulling a shank out of their shorts and cutting the other one
2/20/08 7:15:44PM
WOULDN"T IT BE GREAT!!!!!!!!!!!! If both of these piesces of trash fought and simutaniously hit each other in the neck sending surging blood to both brains causing hemoraging in both!
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