ufc 99 kotn??sotn??fight of the night?? upset?? predictions

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6/6/09 11:30:09PM
another ufc is upon us
and i honestly think probably the best ufc card overseas so far!!
not only do we get 5 quality great matches but also a bonus extra match on the pay per view with the return of cro cop!
what more can u ask for

fight of the night i have to go with marcus davis vs dan hardy
knock out i will go with swick over saunders
sub of the night struve over slojnic
upset if any i will go with al turk if there is one
6/6/09 11:47:17PM
Fight of the night: Davis Hardy or Franklin Wandy
K.O. Tough call. Im predicting alot of T/K.Os on the card. Cant decide between Etim and Mirko
Sub: Only sub ive got picked is Struve, but Uno might pull one off.
Upset: Sobotta. Looks to have a very solid ground game which is where Paul often slips up.
6/7/09 12:28:23AM
FOTN: Franklin/Silva
KOTN: Taylor over Sobotta
SOTN: Etim over Bucholz
6/7/09 1:12:45AM
Kotn: Cro Cop
FOTN: Wand vs Rich
Submission: Saunders Armbar
Upset: Hardy over Davis.
6/7/09 12:16:47PM
Fight Of the Night: Davis-Hardy is gonna be sick with a sick KO!

Sub of the Night: Terry Etim over Justin

KO of the Night: Probably the fight of the night but I dont wanna choose it for two, but Wandy over Franklin is gonna be sick too!

Upset: Ben Saunders over Swick. Watch it happen. Their like the same type of fighter body wise and Swick hasnt been impressive at all at 170 IMHO and Ben just seems like a more natural 170 and I think he has the skills to take Swick out. Swick needs to move back up IMO where he has a speed advantage. Who cares if u got laid on once by Yushin Okami, who doesnt he lay on. Most the middleweights are strikers anyway so he'll hardly ever have that problem again.
6/7/09 1:33:02PM
FOTN: Cain and Kongo! I'm shocked nobody else picked this.

KOTN: I'm not picking Wand to win, but if he does it will be the KOTN. Otherwise, I think it might be Stojnic.

SOTN: Etim.

6/7/09 2:22:59PM
KOTN: Hardy

FOTN: Silva vs Franklin

SOTN: Etim

Upset: Uno over Fisher or Saunders over Swick, both can happen, and I think will.
6/7/09 2:37:20PM

Posted by Khaos

KOTN: Hardy

FOTN: Silva vs Franklin

SOTN: Etim

Upset: Uno over Fisher or Saunders over Swick, both can happen, and I think will.

But I cannot decide about the what major upset(s) might happen....
I'll say maybe Uno or Hardy will win.
6/7/09 4:49:23PM
SOTN-Struve over Stojnic

KOTN-Wandy over Franklin

FOTN-Davis over Hardy

Upset- I think Velasquez can beat Kongo, i dont wanna see it happen but i think it will
6/7/09 5:54:42PM
FOTN: Wand/Rich, Hardy/Davis
KOTN: Cro-Cop over Al-Turk
6/8/09 4:24:25PM
FOTN: Davis vs Hardy (Davis taking a u. dec)
KOTN: Franklin over Silva (That's right, mark my words)
SOTN: Struve over Stonjic
6/8/09 11:19:50PM
6/8/09 11:26:36PM
k.o. of the night: davis laying out hardy, submission of the night: etim getting crafty with buchholz, fight of the night: franklin-silva and the upset of the night will be turk over crocop( fight has upset written all over it ).
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