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POLL: Who wins?
Leben (T)KO 29% (8)
Leben Sub 0% (0)
Leben dec 11% (3)
Koscheck (T)KO 14% (4)
Kos Sub 4% (1)
Kos dec 43% (12)
9/28/11 1:22:53PM
With all the talk of Koscheck moving back up to middleweight and mentioning fights with Leben among others, who do you think would win this sort of match up?

I say definitely Chris Leben in this one. One the Ultimate Fighter Koscheck was just a wrestler, and Leben was just a brawler, and Koscheck took him down at will and held him there.

Since then things have changed dramatically. Leben has hugely improved his jiu jitsu game, and has added some better technique to his striking, while still being able to brawl with anyone. He hasn't had a boring fight that I have seen.

Koscheck has also improved his striking, and often ends up getting into kickboxing matches instead of using his wrestling, where he has been able to beat guys at 170 lbs, but hasn't finished anyone with a chin like Lebens. His improved stirking is more likely to make this a stand up fight where Leben is better. That helps Leben's chances even more.

The other main point is since the show Leben has fought all at middleweight and Koscheck all at welterweight. Leben would be used to fighting with bigger, stronger guys than Koscheck and would be able to fight the takedown better. Koscheck isn't used to fighting guys that big and would probably have more problems.

Leben by decision in an exciting fight.
9/28/11 1:55:15PM
Leben by Tko stoppage.
9/28/11 2:05:00PM
Leben with a tko

Koscheck's stand up isn't that great to defeat Leben.
9/28/11 3:18:47PM
If they stand I say flip a coin because Kos has great technique with those overhands, just shitty timing. Hes faster too.

Leben by tko is a safe bet though unless Kos learns that his second to none wrestling might just be an okay tool.
9/28/11 4:03:50PM
i think Kos would win by decision. i dont see him finishing leben but i dont see leban finishing him either. i would like to see kos at MW, same with fitch. neither are gonna beat GSP anytime soon so they might as well find some new opponents.
9/28/11 5:17:00PM
Leben with the wobbly zombie TKO.
9/28/11 7:18:57PM
Leben via typical slow, methodical TKO
9/30/11 3:22:10PM
Good to see the love for leben on the comments but what's with the poll? I really see now way Koscheck beats him nowadays.
9/30/11 9:01:09PM
Leben is a slow puncher and because of that I think Koscheck would secure the takedown time and time again. Kos by Decision
9/30/11 9:40:54PM
I am a little suprised by all of the people picking Leben. He is a stud but I think that this matchup favors Josh. I think since TUF Koscheck has only gotten better while Leben still pretty much lurches forward hoping that people stand and trade with him. The only way I really see Kos losing is if he lets his gaint ego get to him and he gets into a firefight with Leben. If he just mixed strikes and takedowns he should cruize to a fairly easy win. Leben has a good guard and solid subs but its not like Koscheck is known to be easily submitted. I just think that Koscheck has more speed, better movement, and a more dynamic aresenal. It would be a great fight though, these guys hated eachother on TUF.
9/30/11 10:31:39PM
Kos will use the same gameplan as he did against Daley. He's not stupid, just cocky as hell
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