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12/11/08 10:20:30PM
With all of what happened at UFC fight for the Troops Corey Hills Leg, Al Hassan's arm. Josh Koschecks brutal 1st round KO of Yoshiyuki Yoshida(sp) is being overlooked. I don't want to rant but just wanted to throw Koscheck some love. Ok that was a bit nutthuggerish....but whatever WAR KOS Doesn this get Koscheck back on the road to a title?
12/12/08 12:04:30AM
imo kinda with fitch gone he could be but i realy dont see him beating alves or hughes who imo is who you need to beat to gety a shot
12/12/08 12:11:11AM
If it does get him back on the road to the title , he just got started on the road, and has a ways to go IMO. Other than Kikuchi, and Yoshida beat him when he was the near the end & on the downside of his career, yoshida has never beat anyone I've ever thought top 20- let alone top 10. So nice win, and certainly in spectacular fashion , but it wasn't over a top ranked guy. I actually consider his wins over Lytle( gatekeeper IMO) and definitely Hazelett( future top contender?) more impressive. I would like to see him fight Sanchez again, when Sanchez has no staph infection, and see who wins. I think Alves definitely deserves the next shot after BJ though.
12/12/08 9:23:06AM
If Diego fought him again I believe Sanchez could out wrestle him if he wasnt so afraid of Koschecks wrestling. Anyway, I dont see Kos getting past Alves let alone GSP....I dont know why Hughes would factor in, he's irrelevant, but if they were to fight Kos would lay him out cold on the mat.
12/12/08 12:55:03PM
It was a good rebound win for Kos and one of the best highlight reel KOs this year imo. I strongly dislike Kos, but you can't deny the skills and the heart, he fought like twice in like 6 weeks.
12/12/08 4:22:22PM
Koscheck is a freak athelete. I love seeing him fight. Everyone has to respect him for fighting twice in six weeks.
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