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POLL: Who would Win?
Josh Koscheck 62% (28)
Tito Ortiz 38% (17)
2/12/10 5:38:03PM
There was another thread in the MMA News Forum about this. I would like to see a poll on who everyone thinks would win.

Some people think that Tito's size advantage would be the main key to victory. However, I believe that it would make a difference. Anthony Johnson is 6'2, and walks around over 200 lbs. Plus Johnson hits way harder than Ortiz and is only one inch shorter. Koscheck stood toe to toe with Johnson, took him down and submitted him.

I think Koscheck would dance around Tito all night and dominate the stand-up. The only way Ortiz could win, is if he really pressured Josh with the takedowns, and Tito's conditioning isnt what it used to be.

I think Kos would take a UD
2/12/10 8:20:25PM
I would take Kos by UD and would take Tito to win the trash talking
2/15/10 11:29:30PM
First instinct was to vote on who i hated less. Then i remembered i didnt hate Koscheck at all. Even though some would consider him a junior version of tito I believe he would when the fight and the trash talking.
2/16/10 5:58:26AM
I don't care a lot for Ko's,but in my opinion he's a finely tuned version of Tito with better standup.
So,I say Koscheck.
2/16/10 5:31:11PM
Tito in his prime VS Kos in his Prime = Tito takes it every time,based on the size advantage.

Right now,
Tito looked like crap against Forrest but I am still leaning towards Tito FTW
2/16/10 6:42:23PM
Yuo couldnt be more right IMO. KOS would prove to be to much for Tito right now. It would end in Tito sucking dust off the Harley logo!
3/28/10 6:55:35AM
Tito way to big,everyone who voted for kos probably just hates ortiz but lets be real.Btw im a huge kos fan but even i know facts from hopes haha
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