Korean Zombie calls out Jose Aldo

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6/29/12 1:29:57PM
The Korean Zombie tweets:

"I want Jose Aldo. I will end his reign as a Champion."

Aldo vs. Jung has a chance to be the biggest featherweight bout in the sport's history and KZ isn't going to be quiet while he waits for Aldo to heal up and deal with Erik Koch.


6/29/12 1:39:33PM
Just about to post this. I love it.

That fight is at the top of fights I want to see right now. Aldo is probably too much for him but the Korean Zombie will definitely make him work for it.
6/29/12 1:52:08PM
6/29/12 2:26:22PM
KZ would likely get mauled by Jose Aldo, but KZ is always fun to watch. And so is Aldo.
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6/29/12 3:04:25PM
KZ vs Aldo already sounds like a FOTY candidate
6/29/12 3:07:23PM
Can't wait for this fight.

I don't see KZ winning but he'll bring it.

Aldo is so fluid with his movements he's gonna be hard to dethrone.

I'll be on the KZ bandwagon
6/29/12 4:05:36PM
Koch barely winning his last fight against Brookins or Zombie fresh off a few blowouts against top competition? Zombie all the way!
6/29/12 4:53:31PM

Posted by shaneTpain

KZ vs Aldo already sounds like a FOTY candidate

im thinkin more of a kotn, personally :)
6/29/12 4:56:36PM
I can't get the image of George Roop knocking out Chan Sung Jung free from my mind when I think of Aldo vs. KZ.
6/29/12 6:03:57PM

Posted by lohmann

I can't get the image of George Roop knocking out Chan Sung Jung free from my mind...

Yeah, me neither. KZ is so charismatic, even when he's getting KOed!
6/29/12 6:28:47PM
Eazy Mr. Walking Dead.....you won't be fighting joZAY.....

'cuz scarface will NOT beat Koch.....will NOT I repeat!

joZAAAAy be a man and move to '55....after you lose.
6/29/12 7:06:09PM
I didn't know zombies had such big balls! I love it, I don't think he'd win but I'd root for him.
6/29/12 7:25:29PM
i wont pick KZ, but i wont count him out either. very awesome fight
6/29/12 9:00:01PM
Could be an epic battle!!
I could see Zombie having a chance in this one, dont know why people dont think so.
Im sure these same ppl were not giving him a chance vs Homenick, and Poirier.
Time will tell though. But should be great, regardless!!
6/29/12 9:29:40PM
Great fight. If anyone dethrones Aldo, I'd like it to be KZ
6/29/12 9:56:11PM
What i dont understand is why aldo keeps ducking the challenge of giant silva?!
6/30/12 1:18:44AM
The Zombie can do this
6/30/12 3:55:27AM
this fight makes WAYYY more sense to me than aldo v koch. kz has a huge fan base and is coming off stellar performances against top guys. koch...not so much. zombie vs. pirate is a much more compelling matchup...hope it happens cause koch v aldo is not intriguing to me in the slightest whereas kz v aldo makes me salivate like a pavlov dog.
6/30/12 1:25:09PM
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