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4/21/08 12:18:27AM
So we have this exchange student from Korea who has come over to finish his last year of Highschool in Canada. Anyways, we have known him for a while now but he is kind of hard to talk to since he doesn't understand english very much. So today we were joking around with him and we wanted to know what lines him and people in Korea use to pick up chicks. When we asked him this was his respone;

When you drive in car down road you stop and say to girl "Get in".

Everyone was silent for a minute and we all started laughing.. I think we should try this in Canada.. it seems to go over well in Korea.

I just thought I would post this cause some people might get a kick out of it.. I sure did..
4/21/08 12:40:15AM

customs and cultures are different in many ways. Including on the ease there is to pick up chicks.

If I said "Get In" Id get slapped or arrested for attempted kidnapping.

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