Korean MMA Star Not Fighting Again For 2+ Years

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4/16/08 7:18:23AM
South Korea's millitary just got a giant commitment...literally. Hong-Man Choi, the 7'2", 350 pound MMA giant, has enrolled in the Korean military for a mandatory 24-27 month period of service, required because he is from South Korea. He had put it off for sometime, but decided to do it now.

4/16/08 7:22:55AM
no more f*cking around with south korea
4/16/08 8:34:17AM
4/16/08 10:12:02AM
Definitely a loss for the MMA and K-1 world... These dumb military..!
4/16/08 12:24:08PM
North Korea by armbar
4/16/08 1:21:27PM
I'd love to go up against a soldier like Hong Man Choi. Wouldn't take much time to draw a bead on a big ass target like that, haha.

He's going to be like that thing from 300 that Leonidas kills LOL
4/16/08 1:47:07PM
Easy target. It really is like the broad side of a barn. lol
4/16/08 2:04:47PM
His camoflauge better be designed to make him look like a tree. This sumbitch isn't hiding in the bushes!
4/16/08 2:08:46PM
if he gets out, he'll probably have a better shot at beating Fedor in a dramatic rematch... where Fedor can't knee him instead of vice versa
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