Korean Man Blowing Kisses

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11/10/12 11:13:46AM
To the person in charge of which camera shot makes it on the air,

Please stop showing man 1 of 3 holding the Korean flag while blowing kisses at the camera/me. He is quite creepy and I am certain I will now have nightmares starring the creepy Korean Man Blowing Kisses.

But seriously, did anyone else notice this man? I have seen him three times now. Blowing kisses every time.
11/10/12 12:44:15PM
I kept missing it but I kept hearing about it, which fights did they show him during?
11/10/12 4:31:14PM
That guy is like the asian version of teh kingsmasher.
11/15/12 9:58:34PM
Sure it ain't Donnie yeun ??
They showed him in the audience