Kongo to step in for Heath

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5/20/09 7:25:11AM

MMABay can EXCLUSIVELY reveal that Wolfslair MMA Academy trained heavyweight, Cheick Kongo, has agreed to step in for the injured Heath Herring at UFC 99 against Cain Velasquez.
5/20/09 7:52:07AM
You know when I first heard Heath was pulling out of this fight with Cain. Kongo was the first name that popped in my head as a replacement. This should be a fantastic matchup. Were definetally going to see if Cain is a worthy heavyweight or not. Kongo is no joke and probably the #1 contender after the Mir/Lesnar fight. If Cain wins this fight he could jump up to #1 contender.

I think Kongo will win this fight by decision. But, my only concern is that he's taking this fight on short notice and Cain is a very tough opponent. I guess we'll see what happens.
5/20/09 8:03:43AM
As is always the case with MMABay, I'll believe it when I hear it elsewhere.
5/20/09 9:01:56AM

Posted by DCRage

As is always the case with MMABay, I'll believe it when I hear it elsewhere.

Kongo trains at Wolfslair MMA Academy who are associated with MMABay
5/20/09 9:19:38AM
If this is true Cain is gonna stomp on Kongos ignorant ass
5/20/09 9:39:54AM


When Heath Herring was forced to withdraw from his UFC 99 bout against Cain Velasquez, the search immediately went out for a replacement. Well, the UFC didn’t have to look very far, as highly-regarded contender Cheick Kongo has stepped up to face the unbeaten Velasquez on the main card of the June 13th event in Cologne, Germany.

Kongo is currently riding a three fight winning streak that includes TKOs of Dan Evensen, Mostapha Al-Turk, and Antoni Hardonk. In Velasquez (5-0), he faces one of the division’s brightest young stars in what promises to be one of the most exciting fights on the stacked UFC 99 card, which is headlined by the bout between Rich Franklin and Wanderlei Silva.
5/20/09 9:42:06AM
it's official
if kongo wins he will get his title shot next
it will be tough for him i like this fight better than herring
5/20/09 10:01:08AM
I hope Cain woops Kongo.
Now I have somone to root for
5/20/09 10:02:35AM
Should be a good matchup for Cain, I'll be sticking with him to pull it out. After this it should be either title shot or perhaps Carwin for the first shot.
5/20/09 10:13:31AM
Perfect, this will really help the HW division IMO.

I think the winner of this is like 1 maybe 2 fights from a title.
5/20/09 10:37:52AM
I'm pissed. I like Cain, but I think Kongo's going to whoop his behind. I wanted Cain too keep growing and keep getting better until he fought somebody like Kongo. I like Kongo too but damn it.
5/20/09 10:40:43AM
I guess we are going to find out if Cain is for real.
5/20/09 10:44:05AM
Holy crap...a Kongo fight that I'm actually excited to watch.

5/20/09 12:06:56PM
Junior Dos Santos would have been a better choice, imo. But this should be a great fight! I am picking Kongo by decision. I think his move to the Wolfslair was the best thing for him and his takedown defense should be much improved by now. Long ago was the fight with Carmelo Marrero.

Kongo by decision or TKO late in the third.
5/20/09 12:36:24PM
This is going to be a war!
5/20/09 12:41:36PM
Sh|t! gonna be slightly harder for my boy cain now. I'm predicting this will be the hot bout. I wanna pick cain, but i don't wanna pick against cheick.
5/20/09 12:46:03PM

Posted by theguido

Perfect, this will really help the HW division IMO.

I think the winner of this is like 1 maybe 2 fights from a title.

If Kongo wins he's zero fights from a title shot.

If Cain wins he's one, MAYBE two.
5/20/09 12:55:01PM
This is a huge test for Velasquez... I was taking Cain over Heath, but I think this is a different brand new matchup...

I think I'm going with Cheick to win this one though by UD.
5/20/09 1:03:15PM
MMABAY was actually the first to break the story that Quinton was being considered as the next TUF coach, and since they're sponsoring Wolfslair...I'll overlook their spotty history and buy it as the real deal.

No offense to Heath, but this looks like a blessing in disguise. I don't think UFC 99 had much to be excited about, but this definetely gives it a boost.
5/20/09 1:58:51PM
I just think experience will be a bigger factor in this fight than the Herring fight. True Herring had tons more experience, but his style was easier for Cain I think. I think Kongo's size will also play a factor.
5/20/09 2:53:11PM
NOW we have a fight! i was looking forward to seeing heath return but kongo vs cain is a much more interesting match up.

on a side note did anyone see that youtube video of rampage picking the bathroom lock and video taping kongo in the shower? had about 200+ views when i saw it then kongo posted a video to get even and before i could watch it they were both removed by the poster.

your never safe when you live with rampage jackson!
5/20/09 5:43:10PM
I liked Cain to beat Herring, but now i'm not so sure.

I'm not sure if Velasquez is ready for somebody of Cheick Kongo's level and fear that the brightest prospect the UFC HW division has maybe about to be knocked down the ladder a bit.

I'm picking Kongo i think. No Cain. Kongo......Hmmmmmmm.
5/20/09 6:21:17PM
I'll take Cain by decision.Kongo has been outgrappled by Marrero and Herring and was taken down at will by Assuerio Silva.Cain is the first real high level wrestler that Kongo has ever fought.He does well stoping the takedowns of guy's who can kinda sorta grapple.I seriously doubt he can stop the takedowns of a wrestler the caliber of Cain.


5/20/09 6:46:39PM
I love the way they match up. I am leaning towards Cain because his wrestling is so much better than Herrings or Carmelos. I cant wait for Kongo's reaction if loses
5/20/09 6:52:38PM
I wonder if he loses, will Rampage keep playing pranks on him KNOWING he just lost?
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