Kongo has CAT scan after taking 251 punches!!

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6/16/09 1:13:34AM
Cain Velasquez landed a total of 251 punches to Cheick Kongo's head during the course of their three-round fight at UFC 99 on Saturday.

Kongo landed just 31 punches on Velasquez's head during the fight, although it is worth noting that ten of these were power shots that rocked the Mexican-American.

The figures come from FightMetric and explain why Kongo had to be taken to a Cologne hospital for a CAT scan after the fight.

6/16/09 2:30:05AM
hahahaha. I know it's dick, but I just laughed when I read that headline. Cain should be careful too he was knocked silly twice in that fight. Maybe Kongo's ego will deflate a little after that humiliation. What's amazing is Cain landed more punches in the 3rd than any other round. When most people tire and slow, his cardio let him throw an endless amount of punches, and all this at heavyweight.
6/16/09 3:39:09AM
cain really proved he deserves to fight at the top in that fight. he took some hard shots and recovered quickly enough to know he needed to keep it on the ground. he had a great game plan and stuck to it. props to him on a great win!

6/16/09 9:55:59AM
I say let Cain fight Carwin for next in line, and Kongo should fight Junior Dos Santos.
6/16/09 10:36:40AM
That's a lot of punches. That fight was amazing Kongo just got tossed around like he was nothing. And that's no little man.
6/16/09 11:27:52AM

Posted by pinoymixplaya

I say let Cain fight Carwin for next in line, and Kongo should fight Junior Dos Santos.

That would make sense, but I anticpate they will keep Cain and Carwin apart so they have 2 legitmate challengers to the title over the next 12 months

I tihnk we'll see both fight again before title shots (if they win) but not against each other
6/16/09 12:07:37PM
... and he deserves 251 more...
6/16/09 12:28:44PM
I hated to see Kongo get dominated like that but damn!
6/16/09 2:09:19PM
kongo took 251 punches and didn't get finish thats crazy,i think kongo for his next fight should make sure he takes long enough to train and work on that ground game because if he can figure things out i think he'll be back looking good in no time,whole lot of heart in my eyes.
6/16/09 3:21:59PM
I would think it was precautionary, from what Ive read they do it any time there is a off chance something could be wrong, better safe than sorry.
6/17/09 3:12:26AM
What was more impressive was how he picked Congo up and tossed him around like he was a little kid. That was sick
6/17/09 3:36:19AM
carwin would beat cain IMO. cains weakness as a collegiate wrestler was against the heavyweights bigger than him, like shane. and i think shanes standup might be a little bit better
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