Hi from Knoxville TN

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3/30/09 5:36:23AM
I started out my martial arts life as a 'traditional kung fu' striker, all the way to black belt, then as luck and destiny would have it I had to find a new school... walked into kbjj a local jiu jitsu school, got tossed around for an hour and a half and submited more times than I care to admit and I became a true beliver. From there I found MMA (id been a long time fan but for obvious reasons mma isn't looked at too highly in kung fu circles) and I fell in love forever, and I've been in and out of training and different locations, but I never looked back.
3/30/09 9:39:06AM
Welcome, man. This is a great site, you'll love it!
3/30/09 4:01:36PM
Welcome!!! The playground is by far one of the best MMA sites. Good discusions and up-to-the-minute information.