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3/4/08 10:31:55PM
who knows you do it, would you like people to know you do some kind of mixed martial art, or not want anyone to know, explain.
3/4/08 11:43:14PM
I wouldn't care, if you no you no, if you dont ,you dont. I guessing if people knew about it people would want to fight you way more...
3/5/08 5:39:07AM
I make no secret of the fact I do Muay Thai, it's one of my greatest loves, why would I hide it?
3/5/08 10:33:48AM
i wouldn't ever hide it, i'm a youth worker and whenever we do icebreaker games at work and say something interesting i always tell them i do mixed martial arts, its always a good discussion topic
3/5/08 10:40:26AM
I talk constantly about jiu-jitsu and jiu-jitsu tournaments, so it's no secret amongst the people I hang with
3/5/08 1:40:14PM
i don't think there's really anything to brag about, but I don't see a reason anyone would purposley keep it a secret...

It's like not wanting to let anyone know I'm on a bowling team.... Or talking about it constantly... Niether makes much sense to me...
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