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7/25/07 12:06:08AM
Any word about if he has any intention on joining the UFC? This may have been addressed and if so I'm sorry I'm just wondering if anyone knows what he's up to.
7/25/07 12:22:16AM
well shit he's calling out, saying he wants to fight ufc fighters, then he has to sign with UFC to do that.
7/25/07 12:27:24AM
Looks like K-1
From Sherdog:

One high-profile fighter who won't appear on an EliteXC card in the coming year is Rameau Thierry Sokoudjou (Pictures), this despite the light heavyweight verbally agreeing to a deal with Pro Elite that would have kept him busy, fighting four times in 12 months.

Reports surfaced Friday that Sokoudjou (4-1-0), who knocked out Ricardo Arona and Antonio Rogerio Nogueira in his last two fights, fielded a late offer from K-1. Ryan Parsons, a representative for the 23-year-old fighter, told that the K-1 contract promised "significantly more money" than the potential $200,000 per-fight Sokoudjou was slated to receive from Pro Elite.

Last week K-1 approached Sokoudjou with a one-year offer that would have placed the young Team Quest fighter against either Melvin Manhoef or Alistair Overeem on Monday's HERO'S card in Yokohama, the first of at least three fights he would have owed the Japanese promotion. However, failing to obtain a visa on short notice delayed the PRIDE veteran's return to Japan, and will keep Sokoudjou in Southern California this weekend.

Having backed away from EliteXC, Sokoudjou now awaits signing with K-1, which Parsons said should happen "shortly."

"We're sorry that we lost him," said Shaw, who was so confident a deal was in place that he flew Sokoudjou to San Jose, Calif. to watch Frank Shamrock stop Phil Baroni from cage-side.

"I guess K-1 is either throwing a lot of money or a lot of promises around," said Shaw. "I would have thought that he would have wanted to fight in the United States. I guess that won't happen now."

Japanese fans took a tremendous liking to Sokoudjou, said Parsons, recalling a "madhouse" during a photo shoot for the dreadlocked fighter the last time he traveled across the Pacific.

"He can be a star [in Japan]," Parsons said of Sokoudjou, who should make his HERO'S debut Sept. 17, possibly against Overeem.

Shaw said he doesn't hold anything against Team Quest for making the decision to put Sokoudjou in K-1. "I learned a lesson here: I'm not flying anyone in until they're ready to ink a deal," admitted the longtime boxing promoter, who in February promoted his first MMA card. "I don't need to have pretty faces in the audience that I pay to fly in."
7/25/07 9:58:41AM
damn.. i was really hopoing to see him in ufc... but 205 is going to be so ******* stacked that it doesnt suprise me that he is going somewhere else...
7/25/07 12:07:38PM
K-1 is getting some very good fighters. I've heard Gomi may be going as well, but UFC lowballed Sokoudjou. I mean, who haven't they lowballed, except for maybe Tito, and he got his contract back when he was basically in demand.

Sokoudjou is a flat out good fighter, but in order to come to the UFC, this is the right move. He needs to fight some more guys, get a great record under his belt that he can bring to the negotiation table.
7/25/07 3:02:35PM
Thanks for the article Postman

I had heard he was going to EXC, but immediately wondered who he'd fight, as far as I know, their LHW div is non-existent...

K-1 really sits well with me... I want to see Sok against an aggressive striker, and either bout that they suggested would be fun to watch...

Sokodjou / Marvelous Melvin would be rediculous, and Alistar would also make a great fight... Either way, I'd really like to see him fight someone somewhere soon.
7/26/07 12:32:57AM
i think he did sign with k-1. big money to i think, but it could some good for a little while til ufc gets the LHW in order
7/26/07 10:03:04AM
It isn't even a matter of that. UFC lowballed his ass. They were probably offering a crappy deal. He went on record saying it was embarassing how much they offered him. So he went with a different league. UFC will have to pony up the money for him, and I doubt they will with all the PRIDE guys making over 100k a fight.
7/26/07 10:32:49AM
$200,000 per fight? With Sherk earning 14 + 14 to win for a championship fight it's obvious the UFC isn't going to pay in that range for a non-champ.

Another issue might have come up if Henderson beats Rampage as I believe Souku and Henderson are training partners.

There's enough good fights at 205 for the UFC in the near future I don't think he was that big a loss.
7/26/07 10:35:50AM
Sherk's contract is old though. If he didn't roid up, and was champ when the negotiations came around, he'd have probably hit paydirt.
7/26/07 11:43:37PM
If He can weather the Storm early he should be able to stop Overeem and Manhoef would appear to be an easy sub win for someone with a judo skills. With those two wins alone on top of his past two he's earned whatever he asks for. He's a young guy, and unless he burns out he's only going to improve. Here's hoping the UFC picks him up in his prime after he's made his money and his name in Japan.
7/26/07 11:46:22PM
He's headed for K-1, maybe he'll join the UFC when his contract runs out. I'd love to see him step into the cage.
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