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POLL: Do you know who ricky gervais is?
Of course 59% (13)
heard of him 5% (1)
nope 36% (8)
9/3/08 10:27:33PM
i am a big big fan of pretty much whatever he does... just curious if he is a household name yet, or if the majority has never heard of him.
9/3/08 10:34:55PM
He is without a doubt a household name over here in the UK.
9/4/08 1:46:21AM
He does a bit of work in GTA 4 if anyone has played that
9/4/08 1:49:10AM
I only know him because of The Office.

*EDIT* He also does some stand up in GTA4, now that I think about it.
9/4/08 6:48:21AM
Most people that know him over here do because of Extras, his hit HBO series that ended its run last December after 3 seasons.
9/4/08 8:26:12AM
the office is pretty well liked here stateside(i love the show), and i think that little by little people in the US are starting to realize who he is. there is a hilarious skit with him and david bowie in a restaurant that i saw on youtube(i believe its from extras).
9/4/08 8:54:08AM
yeah i remember him in GTA.
9/4/08 2:52:40PM
i like his stand up but i think his next movie is gonna flop
9/5/08 1:40:41AM
Hands down the funniest man on the planet.

A genius.
9/5/08 1:21:01PM

Posted by jiujitsufreak74

i like his stand up but i think his next movie is gonna flop

if you mean ghost town, you sre prolly right. He doesnt have that big of a NAME, and the mrketing is a lttle off imo.

but this sde of the truth is his next project after that. His film directorial debut, and will be awesome. real good supporting cast

to the people who like him, do you know abut the podcasts? cause if not you are really missing out
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