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6/28/07 6:57:15PM
Anyone know if BJ Penn got fined for not releasing the choke on Jens Pulver? The fact that he didn't release the choke when told, and tightened it is pretty shitty....I know behavior like this has resulted in fines before.
6/28/07 6:59:46PM
Considering Jens wanted to train with him afterwards I'd say its all water under the bridge.
6/28/07 7:07:18PM
I've never heard of any cases where someone got fined for holding on a choke for too long. Do you have any examples?
BJ didn't hold it that long either... it wasn't exactly Royce Gracie - Gerard Gordeau.
6/28/07 7:11:51PM
it wasn't too long but if everyone noticed it IMO it may have been too long I think he was in the zone and just got caught up in the win personally but i was like wow he might want to let go now when i saw it so i don't think its fine worthy just BJ in the zone.
6/28/07 7:23:26PM
What about Shamrock kicking Baroni off of him while Baroni was out cold?

Kimbo's choke on Mercer was held wayyyy to long to where the ref had to push Kimbo's face to get him to stop.

I doubt there will be any fines unless someone gets hurt in result.
6/28/07 7:28:04PM
Yeah I've seen longer holds after being told to let go.....but BJ really tightened it up. Even my brother who is a huge BJ fan thinks he should have been fined
6/28/07 8:12:25PM
hmm watched it again didnt think it was to offensive he let him out of the armbar earlier he just had to put a lil love squeze to make sure he was done i think

An for shamrock pushing him off hes was passed out dead wait on you an your tire i didn't think that was to bad either.

6/28/07 8:53:50PM
Well I think it's obvious BJ was messing with Jens the whole fight. And yeah they should fine people who hold submissions too long, these two may not have liked each other but this sport is all about respect.
6/28/07 9:00:27PM
Matt Hughes did it to Frank Trigg after Trigg low blowed him and the ref didn't do anything, and Trigg almost beat Hughes. It's basically a show that "what goes around comes around" applies to MMA.
6/28/07 9:25:10PM
6/28/07 9:26:17PM
It wasn't that long and BJ was probably too fired up to realize that he was told to let go. Who cares, Jens wasn't even out when BJ let go of him.
6/28/07 10:20:54PM
I'd really like for everyone to watch that ending again...

I thought it was dirty at first too, but then I watched the replay a few times.Notice how the ref comes up from behind Penn and, before actually pulling him off, just starts tapping B.J.'s arm right where Jens had been tapping out.At the same time, B.J.'s head was down and eyes were shut.I really don't think he knew when Jens's tapping stopped and Mazaggati's started.As soon as Steve pulled on his arm though, he let go.

...think maybe we can end this now?
6/28/07 10:37:14PM
It happens man, I know i'd chokeabitch if he was messin with me all that time and talkin crap.
6/28/07 11:03:44PM
When i watched the fight i was really pissed off, while it was actually happening i was like man thats wrong let go already, i know theres been worse cases but i think there should definitely be repercussions. like some said b4 MMA is all about respect, even in grudge matches theirs hugs and what not afterwards, even BJ and Jens seemed to call it Quits after the fight but i still think it was wrong to Holed the choke in and then tighten it when it was clear Jens taped.