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3/10/07 12:43:51PM
Just read part 3 of an interview on mmanews with that metro sexual and he says "you know" 20 times. That is just in part 3. It bugged me severly, he sounds like a valley girl saying like every 5th word..html]You know this is a link

PS He also says mmanews is a smaller site and that he has been getting a lot of "slack" for doing an interview with them. Yeah when I want to give my friends a hard time I cut them some slack. Good job missusing a common slang term jerbear
3/10/07 2:26:18PM
he sounds like a complete dueschbag
3/10/07 2:41:42PM
Yeah, GSP says "You know" a lot but has a good excuse, he speaks French.

It was irritating I must admit, it's a shame they didn't ask the question about featuring Chuck getting beaten in one of the promo videos. That was poor.
3/23/07 3:17:54PM
Jerry/Gary Millen is gayer than a bucket of dicks...

IMO, he should go live on a mountain somewhere and quit bothering everyone all the time...
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