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10/7/08 11:44:24PM
I cant find a good site to buy MMA posters. The only stuff i can find is like event posters and thats not exactly what im looking for.

I really wish they made MMA fatheads. The UFC should get working on that.
10/8/08 12:37:52AM
not sure if they sell them but try the seem to have everything anyone could want .good luck
10/8/08 6:46:31AM
It's not quite the same but if you can find pics you want to make motivational posters out of you can custom make them at then order poster-size versions.

Edit: I once found a basic UFC poster at my mall's FYE. It's the UFC logo in giant letters with a few action shots in the background of the letters. Wasn't too expensive, maybe $8-10. You probably won't find much at these music/video stores but those places and also stores like Spencer Gifts may be worth looking at.
10/8/08 7:34:07AM
Rare Posters (expensive)

MMA Posters Site (one of the oldest sites I know)

you could always check ebay...

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