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1/1/09 6:20:02PM
1/1/09 7:18:25PM

I'd prop you if I could.
1/1/09 9:24:20PM
lol wow thats funny.
1/1/09 9:57:02PM
A true business-man.
1/2/09 12:39:43PM
HAHA, thats hilarious.
1/2/09 8:29:37PM
I haven't watchede this yet but I used to have drug dealers come into my store all the time and use gift cards some of my employees(gang bagers) said crackheads used them all the time crazy shit return something you stole for a gift card go buy crack to the compony changed the return policy. hell I even had a guy try to sell crack to one of my cashiers. Glad I don't work over there anymore
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