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2/13/08 7:01:02PM
I know he's not a favorite of a lot of fans, but I still find him an interesting fighter, and he is one of my favorite fighters coming out of Asia. I was just curious if anyone had heard anything about when he will be fighting next.
2/13/08 7:07:15PM
He's fighting with Dream. They have a few good MW fighters that will be taking part in a grand prix beginning in April I believe.
2/13/08 7:09:35PM
he fought not to long ago (new years eve) against misaki and the fight was ruled a no contest, and misaki will be fighting in the next i'd suppose it wont be long before we see him back in action.........right now i dont think there is any rumors on when he will be fighting, but between a month or 2 he we should know , he will probably take part in Dream GP in april
2/13/08 7:10:50PM
.my bad
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