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10/2/09 11:56:18AM
If I have to read another headline in the news section with Roy Nelson says (insert whatever Big Country thinks that no one still cares about). I am going to go crazy

It seems like Nelson has done 500 interviews after Wednesday and just says some really stupid stuff. I think he is a fine fighter and all, but I really don't need his opinion on everything little thing. I am expecting him to weigh in on the health care debate soon.

It's just out of hand, you know what I'm sayin?
10/2/09 11:59:59AM
i know what youre sayin man, in his defense though(not that i really want to defend him), this is his first real big chance to be in the spotlight and hes taking advantage of it, id just rather see him come off as more humble.
10/2/09 1:16:13PM
No worse than the 500 what kimbo thinks/aims to accomplish hooplah that came prior IMO
10/2/09 3:56:35PM
I agree with you Truth, that's why I titled it "You know what I'm sayin?" I was taking a shot at Kimbo's constant need to get his two cents in on most things.

10/2/09 4:26:53PM
i know what you sayin
10/2/09 5:16:06PM
10/2/09 6:54:01PM
Ha, I think I put up 2 or 3. Whenever I went to the news sites, each one had an interview. It was pretty crazy but he must like the attention.
He's the new silverback
10/3/09 3:16:08AM
I know what you're saying. "Big Country" is coming off like a real A-Hole to me. I wanted to like him too, but he's ruined it now. I can't wait to see him get his ass handed to him.
10/3/09 10:44:45AM
roy does come off looking like a jerk in interviews
i hope he isn't like that in real life, but right now no one has impressed me at all, i am curious to see how wes sims will fight haven't seen him since the old ufc years ago vs frank mir,
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