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3/3/12 3:20:33AM
Hey guys! I got inspired by my brother to make a website and I have finally got it up and running. I will be sharing all sorts of training drills, strategies, techniques, sports psychology and much more.

For today, I posted one of my techniques that I have developed almost a decade ago that I haven't shared before. Check out this page for the back story behind this move and the video (Click the link below the image):

If you like what you see, give this a bump for me. Thank you and enjoy!

David Avellan

P.S. > A lot of people ask if this is legal. Yes it is.

IBJJF Rulebook
6.5.6 (Minor Penalties)

"When an athlete, without using the gi, strangles his/her opponent using both hands, or applies pressure to the opponent’s windpipe using the thumb."

Pretty clear by that rule that it is legal. What the rule describes is using both hands to "strangle", where the thumbs would be passing on top of the Adams apple.

That is not to say that a referee might misinterpret what is going on.
3/3/12 3:31:44AM
Is this the real David Avellan? The 88kg bronze medalist from the ADCC?!
3/3/12 8:26:28AM
I'm going to move this to the Training forum. Thanks for sharing!
3/3/12 11:46:10AM
Yes it is ;)
3/3/12 1:40:12PM
You invented this choke? That's pretty awesome!
3/3/12 1:48:27PM

Posted by FastKnockout

You invented this choke? That's pretty awesome!

Yes. Thank you, I thought so too :)
3/4/12 2:22:27AM
very sneaky. i like the sweep you get too, then at least if you cant finish the choke your on top. great video man thanks
3/4/12 4:56:06PM
Awesome technique
3/4/12 6:45:27PM
Thanks fellas! Glad you enjoyed it.

Every week on Tuesday I will post a new video. If you join my email list on my website, there is videos and tips every day.
3/9/12 12:10:28PM
Very cool.
I'll practice it tonight!
3/11/12 1:39:26PM

Posted by State_Champ

Very cool.
I'll practice it tonight!

I caught someone!

Although I do have trouble keeping my opponent's arm trapped between my head and shoulder, but I'm sure I'll figure out the nuances and subtleties as I practice it more.
3/13/12 4:41:51PM
That's great and yes, practice makes perfect!
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