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7/2/07 12:53:16PM
This is my 1st crack @ video editing.. just UFC and some pride knockout clips mixed with P.O.D.s Boom.. what ya think?
7/2/07 1:27:26PM
it was really good but I didn't really like when it panned out into multiple squares made it a little bit harder to see what was happening but all in all it was good and for you
7/2/07 2:29:24PM
Not too bad at all! I'd work on the timing a little. Strikes would seem harder if they lined up with the BOOM! Try trimming the clips or messing the the speed function. increasing the speed during the swing and slowing it just at the boom should work.

Also the scrolling water mark at the end was too large to read, try making it smaller text and put it at the bottom.

One last thing, why did you use GG/CC twice? There are plenty of great KOs to choose from.

All in all good effort!
7/2/07 2:35:54PM
Yeah thats my I don't like seeing that still pisses me off
7/2/07 7:11:06PM
to bad i cant see it.
7/2/07 7:26:11PM
check out this one.....

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7/10/07 8:47:22PM
Will not let me see it.
7/10/07 9:04:52PM
Zuffa strikes again...