Kleinbeck vs Noke

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11/9/07 10:33:38PM
this is a tough one to call, its the only fight on this upcoming card that has me split...and of course....its the hot bout ...

I have Noke by round 2 Sub...

how are you guys seeing this fight going?
11/10/07 1:33:43AM
I agree with you on Noke. I can't believe we're in the minority though.

I have Noke winning a decision. Kleinbeck is going to be hard to take down with his takedown defense, and the same goes for Noke. Kleinbeck is a power puncher, who swings wildly. Noke to me looks like a young Rich Franklin, in that he pin points his punches, but one punch isn't going to finish it for him. Kleinbeck loves the knee to the groin, so I wouldn't be surprised if you see Noke's nads getting crushed at some point or another.

Noke's conditioning is astounding especially seeing as he outlasted Hector Lombard's onslaught to dominate him, to a draw. Seth Kleinbeck isn't a Hector Lombard. His conditioning might be better than Lombard's, but not Noke's. Unlike a lot of Kleinbeck's opponents, Noke won't be looking to clinch with Kleinbeck unless neccessary, and believe me he can clinch. I am hoping that Noke is able to keep away from Kleinbeck and strike when the opportunity arrives. Seth's fight against Jaime Jara was boring. Neither wanted to commit to punching.

I believe Kleinbeck perfers close combat, which he might not get, because Noke is able to kick just as well as he punches. I for one am hoping that Kleinbeck gasses as the fight progresses, as seen in the Kolosci fight. Neither of Kleinbeck's fights with Jara, or Spengler lasted long enough for him to really tire himself out. I see Noke and Kleinbeck standing for most of the fight, and when Kleinbeck tires, Noke will begin looking for takedowns to gain some points on the judges' cards. Noke is the type of fighter who gets better as the fight progresses. In the Ebersole fight, it was pretty much tied in the first, but Noke shut out Ebersole in the second, third, fourth, and fifth.

I'm hoping for much of the same. I need to. I have all my money on Noke.