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POLL: Would you use a cat in your Avatar??
Yes I love cats 49% (20)
I should punch you in the nose 24% (10)
No I hate Cats 27% (11)
1/12/08 8:17:53PM
So I was wondering why do people use CATS as or in there Avatar????

I hate Cats
1/12/08 8:24:36PM
*cough* tuvok *cough* lol

imo i don't really care. if you like cats that's your thing, if not then thats's cool too. i personally wouldn't but to each his own
1/12/08 8:29:25PM
Yes I almost forgot I don't hate the people who love cats just the cats themselves
1/12/08 9:07:25PM

Posted by Kracker_Jap

So I was wondering why do people use CATS as or in there Avatar????

I hate Cats

you should return to sherdog !! ................ oh sorry , you are already banned there

1/12/08 9:21:12PM
Did I mention I ran over a white cat today???

Just kidding

Sherdog Sucks By the way
1/12/08 10:14:48PM
I used to dislike cats. Growing up I only had dogs and now I have adopted four cats with my girlfriend. I think a lot of people dislike cats because they either are allergic to them or have formed bad preconceptions about them. Cats are not as independent or as sly/evil as people think. My cats are all friendly and very personable. They all have their own funny and unique personalities as well. Anyways, I thought I'd just add my two cents because I think cats get a bad rap when they really shouldn't. Also, why don't you like cats? What is your reasoning, I would just like to know.
1/12/08 10:26:43PM
Not a fan of cats, but Rush's av is the coolest:

1/12/08 10:34:50PM
My cat's wake me up in the morning, they puke on the carpets and couches, they poop outside the litter box, and pee on new rugs that they decide they don't like.

But I still love them, they're so damn cute.
1/13/08 12:57:18AM
1/14/08 9:32:42AM

Posted by Manfred

Not a fan of cats, but Rush's av is the coolest:

It is cool but have you ever wondered what the a cat is listening 2??

I think it could be DJ IRENE or some other hard house DJ
1/14/08 9:46:43AM
hahaha nice thread hahahha

Tuvok's cat tho does look freaky as hell.
1/14/08 12:36:04PM
lol my boy Rush has one of the best avvies on this site. look at it and try not to laugh.
1/14/08 4:16:47PM
Haha it's true it is one of the best.
1/14/08 9:26:46PM
Thanks for the kind words on the av guys.

So for the original question, I'm not really a cat guy. I like dogs, labs mostly. I don't have any problem with cats, but they just want to like me when it's not the right time for me.

As for the av, I just thought it looked cool. I made a caption that jives with MMA, but also something that jives with trance/techno "beats".

I just wish I could add some music beats with it...... uns uns uns uns!!!!!!
1/14/08 9:47:28PM

^^^ Approves this thread
1/15/08 4:46:19PM
I have a cat and hes awesome. I used to hate cats, but I changed my mind after I've had mine for a year.
1/15/08 4:55:01PM
i hate cats too, on top of being allergic, they have a holier than thou attitude and i truly think that they believe they are the owners of their humans. would you let your best friend sh*t in a box in the corner in your house? i think not, yet the cats do this, f*ck them. dogs are like men, they are easy going and range from a likeable dumb, to extremely smart. cats are like women, full of attitude and fickle. on top of crapping in your house, they stare at you when they lick themselves, jump on you when youre sleeping, and leave dead rodents at your door. f*ck them and their nasty hairball hacking ways.

im a dog person btw.
1/15/08 8:08:32PM
I think Rush's cat needs some glow sticks
2/15/08 10:11:24PM
I think the following two sayings perfectly sum up the difference between cats and dogs.

Dogs have owners. Cat's have staff.


Dogs think they're people. Cat's think they're God.

I like them both by the way. I'm just an all around animal person. Big, small, friendly, bitchy, doesn't matter to me. I've grown up with animals so I can't imagine living without them.
2/15/08 10:59:20PM
house cats kill more than any other cat becuase they dont have to kill for meat they kill for fun, its a known fact that house cats are serial killers.....of outdoor animals, like squirrels, owls, smaller dogs, smaller cats, chipmunks, birds, fish, some insects, raccoons, etc.

personally i find older cats boring as hell all they wanna do is shit in there sandbox, lay around and not play, kittens on the other hand are as fun as dogs sometimes, however when threatened cats claw which to me hurts worse than there bite, puncture wounds hurt worse than slice wounds but at least they heal faster

dogs > cats
2/15/08 11:06:52PM

Where are you from lol? the raccoons ive learned to fear could easily take out a cat, and most dogs.
2/15/08 11:09:43PM

Posted by Pookie


Where are you from lol? the raccoons ive learned to fear could easily take out a cat, and most dogs.

bigger house cats can take down baby to medium sized raccoons, but yeah a full grown raccoon would maul most house cats and medium sized dogs
2/20/08 1:14:05PM
Rush's cat is listening to the Bob Sapp CD.