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6/9/07 5:32:15PM

June 6 (Louisville, KY) (Las Vegas, NV) – On July 21, 2007 the American fight League (AFL) will add a bit of “Havoc” to their mixed martial arts (MMA) line-up for their nationally televised debut on HDNet.
The AFL is proud to announce the signing of MMA and television star, Kit “Havoc” Cope. A former Muay Thai champion, Cope has made the transition from the ring to being a main-event star inside the cage almost effortlessly. Having competed in both the UFC and WEC promotions, Cope thought it was time for a new challenge and when he received an offer from the AFL, he answered with a resounding “yes”.
“I like the idea of signing with the AFL because it’s still grass roots. The organization is about to go mainstream and so I think it’s a good move signing up with this company now so I can actually grow with them“, Cope enthusiastically said.
Kit has changed training camps and partners since his stints in the UFC and WEC organizations and now feels better prepared and ready to make his mark in the competitive sport of mixed martial arts.

Mr. Cope finished by saying, “I have had sort of a rocky start in MMA. In the beginning it was more because I was sort of like Mirko Cro Cop was when he started out. I was like a kickboxer in MMA. Since my first fight, I worked on my ground name and got it back to the level it was when I was wrestling. I was a competitive wrestler for 8 years and have been on the Nevada national team.”
It hasn’t been an easy go for the AFL’s newest fighter. He has had to over come some serious injuries, a trial by fire of sorts, as he made the transition in to the exciting world of MMA.
“I had my right shoulder reconstructed and fought on that for a few fights. I separated my ribs and had to take some time off. Now I’m healthy and this is a great opportunity for me to show my improvement and my support for the American Fight League”, he finished with a smile.
Cope will make his long awaited debut for the American Fight League July 21, 2007 in Louisville, KY on the Caged Inferno 7: Glory card. In his corner will be international MMA superstar training partners Nate and Nick Diaz, along with motocross sensation Carey Hart, a star of VH1’s Surreal Life reality show. Hart also appears on the reality show "Inked," shown on the A&E cable network that chronicles Hart’s Las Vegas tattoo shop, Hart and Huntington.
This is the first nationally televised event for the American Fight League and President Jon Hatton couldn’t be more pleased about the addition to the roster.
6/9/07 10:33:57PM
haha! YES! Louisville kentucky (my hometown). I can't wait I'm buyin my ticket next week for it
6/9/07 10:59:44PM
Wow, Nice, I'm right up in Cincy, I think I will have to cross the river and check this one out. That Spike show that Kit's on is absolutely hilarious!
6/10/07 12:41:34AM
Oh I know. thats show has me laughin from the time it comes on until the end of the show. theyre idiots but its great!
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