11/12 LA Kings vs 81/82 Islanders

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POLL: 11/12 Kings vs 81/82 Islanders
Kings 58% (7)
Islanders 42% (5)
9/12/12 1:49:24AM
11/12 LA Kings
The 2011–12 Los Angeles Kings season was the 45th season (44th season of play) for the National Hockey League franchise. Although they finished the season with 95 points, and the eighth seed in the Western Conference playoffs, they went on to capture the first
Stanley Cup championship in team history

81/82 Islanders
The 1981-82 New York Islanders season was the tenth in the franchise's history. It involved winning the Stanley Cup
9/12/12 1:18:09PM
I went Kings. There was 0 chance of me picking them to win and sure enough, they pulled it off. I don't really know anything about the Islanders of that time so this was an easy one for me, despite the 3-4 score right now.
9/12/12 3:08:47PM
I picked the Islanders because they were a dominant team all season rather than breezing through the playoffs (and 2nd of 4 consecutive Stanley Cups). Way before my time but thats the way I see it
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