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8/20/12 7:58:11PM
Hey everyone, is holding a real money buy-in tournament for the 3 UFC events this september. The buy-in is $10.00 USD, and it's WINNER TAKE ALL.

Click on the link below for more details.

The King of September
8/20/12 9:14:46PM
Oh man, I thought you meant teh King Smasher!

8/21/12 9:44:47AM
lol wat up Chael, you want in on this mang?
8/22/12 11:56:16AM
UPDATE: We currently have 6 participants who already paid the entry fee, and 2 others who are interested but have yet to submit payment.

You can get at me on this thread, or send me a PM to get involved in the tourney.

Click on the link below for all the details. If you have any questions/concerns, let me know.

8/24/12 5:50:02PM
Update on the tourney,

We now have 9 contestants, thanks to everyone who joined up, but there will be a modification to the rules. As you all know, UFC 151 has been completely scrapped, so this tournament will only span across the 2 events in the month of September.

As UFC 151 was on Sept. 1st, that gives everyone an additional 3 weeks to get in before the new deadline of September 22nd.

As of right now, the payout for your money is 10-1, where you gonna find better odds than that?

PM me if you're interested.
9/13/12 10:22:51AM
The link is not working. It looks like a broken page. Who is running this tourney? How does it work? Like is it just picking winners? Or is it winners, method and round ?