'King Mo' Lawal vs. Mark Kerr, Fedor Emelianenko vs. Gegard Mousasi Exhibition set for M-1 "Breakthrough"

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8/10/09 8:40:57AM
According to MMAJunkie, Don Frye has been replaced as headliner for M-1 Breakthrough:

"M-1 Breakthrough" will now feature a main event between previously scheduled headliner "King" Mo Lawal and replacement fighter Mark Kerr.
King Mo (4-0) was originally scheduled to face Don Frye at the main event of M-1 "Breakthrough" but an injury forced him to pull out. Frye will be replaced by 40-year-old, PRIDE and UFC veteran, Mark Kerr (15-10).

8/10/09 9:33:07AM
Kerr will have a huge size advantage but his wrestling will definetely nullify some of that size advantage. I think king mo 2nd rnd tko/ko.
8/10/09 10:37:03AM
Why is Mo getting matched up with all these HWs? Not that he isn't going to wreck Kerr... but I wouldn't mind seeing Mo fight other LHWs or even get back to his wrestling weight and try out MW.
8/10/09 10:38:17AM
Kerr is not a serious threat any more. He is coming off 4 first round losses and fighting a legit up and comer recording 4 straight wins (includind 3 TKOs). I like Kerr but he is going to get stopped early IMO.
8/10/09 7:45:28PM
This fight shouldn't have been made.Kerr is just going to get hurt-he's having difficulty with C level guys on the local show circuit,and now you're going to put him in there with Lawal?

Hopefully Lawal shows Kerr some love and makes it a grappling match,and tries to sub Mark instead of beating him up.Everyone knows Mark shouldn't even be fighting at this point in his life,but he has no other options financialy.It's really a sad story.I just wish some big team would hire him on as a wrestling coach so he could hang up the gloves for good.I don't like seeing Mark get hurt,he's just too nice of a guy and he's been through too much already.

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