i kinda want to join a fight camp...

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1/6/08 4:31:11AM
but im not sure the benefits. what do you guys get from being in a fight camp? anyone have any suggestions on which one to join?
1/6/08 8:34:28AM
The main thing is, to me, that camps have their own competition within the game, and the top camps at the end of each season get their own recognition for having the best overall records. Each camp also has their own individual message board. I'd say look around and find a camp you seem to like and think would be willing to accept you early on, or maybe you'll get lucky and someone will invite you to their camp on their own (that's how I got into my current camp).
1/6/08 11:21:25AM
i got a good camp, if you like Diaz
1/6/08 12:44:12PM
To me the biggest advantage is the private mess board. You get to discuss the game on a different level w/ guys that you get to know more than just ppl on the forums. I'm in my second camp, got to know some good guys in the first before it broke up, since joining the WarWagon I've made some really good friends. If you'd like to join us you're more than welcome. Just shoot me a pm for an invite, not sure if I can invite you while you're in a camp.
1/6/08 9:56:19PM
the message board is real good and i dont get why you would not want to join a fight camp, its not like joining one could hurt you
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