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7/6/08 4:43:15AM
well if you have Reese/James/Kevin/Brodie as a parlay and only bet $1 your earnings are over $1500! haha. hell ide go for it, but what do i know i got like 8 bucks on here....
7/6/08 6:31:38AM
I don't think I got it.. Sounds like you found out a certain pairing made a lot of money if it won. Parlays are supposed to make you money.. I might just not have that huge a funny bone.
7/6/08 9:54:10AM
The odds are so high because it pretty much aint gonna happen.

Worth a cheeky bet though if you're feeling lucky/suicidal
7/6/08 3:50:35PM
Hirarious LOL sorry dude it aint even "kinda funny"

Not as good as one we had ages ago, forget which event but basically you could win millions from 4 massive underdogs
7/6/08 8:35:31PM
I think out of those four, the only one that would be worth putting money down on would be Burns. Burns beat Carneiro, who is a tough opponent. Johnson's toughest toughest win against an opponent was Tommy "Little Matt Hughes" Speer. Burns' only loss came to a guy who is at the moment 6-0. Clementi is getting better, but I doubt he has gotten to much better since losing to Carneiro.

Edit: Logic says that if Burns can beat Carneiro, Carniero beat Clementi, and Clementi beat Johnson, then Burns should be the favorite to beat Carneiro.
7/7/08 9:15:37AM
I had my parlay DOWN. If Rampage would've pulled out that close decision (which IMO if it's close, it should always go to the champ), and Almeida woulddn't of gassed at the end, I would be Quite rich atm.
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