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12/5/08 5:09:18AM
Kimo Leopoldo ‘Can We Get Some Old School Fighters Here?’

Mixed Martial Arts Legend Kimo Leopoldo recently talked with PDG about his career, the resignation of CSAC’s Armando Garcia, the UFC, Kimbo Slice, Ken Shamrock, the history of MMA and the battles that were in the early days of “No Holds Barred’ fighting.

PDG: So do you think that this influx of new fighters that may be lacking the credentials is watering down the talent pool in mixed martial arts? Kimo: Yes but that is only part of it; it also falls on the shoulders of the matchmakers and all of the new rules put in place to “protect the fighters”. I know some of this stuff is in place to help fighters build their record up but in the past it was anybody, any place and at any time. Now it's more like let me see if this fight is okay with my coach and manager. Kimbo Slice had that fire, Ken Shamrock had it, Tank Abbott had that fire, Royce Gracie had it and I had it. The old-school fighters know exactly what I am talking about.

New KIMO Interview!

12/5/08 7:09:15AM
Sure any body any place any time. Lets do all of that and with in six months we will be out of fights and out of pvp to watch. As far as the match making well that's to keep from having boring fights and if you remember back in the beginning we had some boring fights.
12/5/08 7:19:43AM
Their were a few lackluster fights,but I wouldn't really blame it on bad matchmaking.I believe that was just the sport naturaly going through growing pains.
I mean their are still boring fights even today.I think it just happens some times.But their harder to find with all the rule changes that have happened within all the years the sport has evolved.
Though i woulnd't completely agree with Kimo,I still gotta respect that outlook.
I can't really say anywere,anytime would be good or bad,but it does sound pretty exciting,and makes for a great "What If" situation.
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