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7/12/07 5:03:28PM
Breaking news. Can't find anything anywhere so I'm lucky enuf to tell most of you first. JT has informed the WarWagon that Kimo has pulled out of their upcoming fight. I'll post a link as soon as it is available. This literally came from JT himself w/in the last hour. Join the WarWagon. James actually talks to us, what other fighter treats his fans like he does?


ps, he should still be fighting against an as yet unknown opponent.
7/13/07 9:37:57AM
Who the fck is Neil Grove? Cos thats who pro elite now list as his opponent, the CR site still lists Kimo though, i just desperately wanna see JT fight as he is so funny and exciting and needs a CR win

Fingers crossed for a half decent opponent for JT to bullrush/crush/destroy
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