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7/2/07 5:36:29PM
Kimbo vs tank fight is on September 14 who do you think will win the fight. Kimbo defeated Ray Mercer by Submission guillotine choke at 1:12 in the first round. Kimbo was training with legendary fighter bas rutten and that is a big part why kimbo won the fight. But if it was a boxing match mercer would kill kimbo.
7/2/07 5:41:41PM
tank is really a street brawler so I think Kimbo might be more willing to stand with him than he was with mercer. It would also be funny to see Kimbo rise to fame as an expert submission artist in MMA after his beginnings. lol.

But seriously Bas is a big fan of submission fighting as it's inherently less dangerous than striking, so he's probably really stressing the submission game with Kimbo... I think we might honestly see a couple submission victories from him.
7/2/07 5:44:37PM
I have to side with youth on this one, I think Kimbo will pull off an easy win. I'm thinking Kimbo by KO/TKO in the 1st. Just look at Tank's recent track record.

One thing is for sure, those guys will be throwing some bombs at eachother.
7/2/07 6:30:41PM
I hope it stays standing, anyone can take Tank down and sub him, you get a few more brownie points if you beat him at his own game.
7/2/07 6:32:09PM
i really dont know. tank isnt the same fighter he was along time ago. if he was then i would say tank
7/2/07 6:32:19PM
We all have seen Kimbo take a punch, but we all also know that Tanks punches are sick if he lets his hands go. I say Bas will have Kimbo shoot in and look for an armbar.
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