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9/10/07 3:59:20PM
Who will win?

Im saying Kimbo i mean i want tank to win but i just dont see it happening
9/10/07 4:47:19PM
go tank i wanna see a KO
9/10/07 4:47:41PM
i heard that tank is trainin hard for this fight so im goin wit tank.
9/10/07 5:02:57PM
I don't care for either.
Hoping for a double KO.
9/10/07 6:08:37PM
There is no way Tank can go for more than 3 minutes, so I'm going to have to go with Kimbo. They need to let Kimbo fight someone who is actually worth a darn.

PS: I saw Tank's training video for this fight. It involved a chair, beer, tv, and a bag of potato chips.
9/10/07 6:34:02PM
Kimbo will win by whatever he wants
9/10/07 8:19:41PM
This is bad for the sport. It's not mixed martial arts at all.
On one side you have a street fighter who KO"D no names and the other a former pro wrestler/bar fighter who has no cardio in his training. Tank is way out of shape and both have no other skills in the arsenal thesides striking.
Don't get me wrong it will be entertaining, but it will attract the wrong audience. It will attract the people I see in bars who yell at the TV and have no idea about the sport. HIT EM!!! GET OFF THE GROUND!!! (idiots). Tank should have retired already and Kimbo should have no problem knocking Tank out.
9/12/07 2:50:44PM
Kimbo boxing looks excellent even in his street fights he has the technique down. Tank can't win an mma to save his life anymore. I guarantee a KO for Kimbo in the first.
9/12/07 5:47:09PM
Tank will win...Kimbo has beaten legends like whats his name...whats his face...that guy...his next door neighbor...and oh yeah Mercer.

But even with that impressive resume of quality wins...I think Tank will be able to utilize his experience with competition he has seen...granted they may not have been as dangerous as Mr. Slice's next door neighbor...and take the fight to Kimbo.

And lets be honest...I doubt whats his face can punch as hard as Kimbo wont know what hit him.
9/13/07 3:13:49AM
A clown show!! You got some dude vs. some dude who forgot to train for his last fifteen fights, your right entertaining but garbage in regards to the sport. Any org. that signs tank for a fight anymore should be discredited. TIME TO HANG IT UP OLD MAN!
9/16/07 2:56:51PM
tank is gonna get jacked up
9/17/07 1:55:53PM
when the hell is it? why wouldnt you write when it is? i wanna know
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