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1/18/11 9:43:11AM
I guess it was coming.

Former Elite XC and UFC star Kimbo Slice is heading to pro wrestling. Slice will debut on February 5th for the IGF promotion in Fukuoka, Japan. He will face Shinichi Suzukawa, who is considered the most pushed star in the IGF.

Well, at least he's going to perhaps the least believable promotion, IGF also regularly has matches featuring Josh Barnett and Bob Sapp among others-even Mark Coleman's competed for them. (IGF is run by Hall OF Famer and Japanese wrestling legend Antonio Inoki)
1/18/11 4:40:42PM
For some reason I don't even think he'll be good at that. He can throw people around but that's about it unless they play the street fighter card, but he doesn't have very much stamina and isn't too agile.
1/18/11 6:01:06PM
My thoughts....

2/2/11 6:01:33PM
The match is (thankfully?) off. Kimbo suffered an injury in training. The replacement is none other than Bob Sapp, who will face Shinichi Suzukawa. Not as bad.
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